Baking Kits

During the lockdown, there has been a boom in everything from home-baked sourdough to toilet roll cakes - yes, really!

Kit Pack Baking

To help fuel this culinary craze, home baking kits have had a resurgence, with a new wave of artisan bakeries compiling their unique recipes and high end ingredients, meaning you can create some familiar favourites at home with zero compromise.

Sour Dough

The three hottest trending baking items that have surfaced during the pandemic are chocolate chip cookies, banana bread & sourdough. The whole world seems to be nurturing starters, kneading dough, slashing and baking right now. Sourdough kits have already been seen from the likes of Mr Holmes Bakehouse, Easy Tiger and Hobbs House Bakery to help the unfamiliar baker achieve their fresh bread dreams.

Cookies and Cakes

If sweet is more your style, then there are a whole host of cake and cookie kits on hand to get you through these stressful times. Though dry mixes exist, the more popular version is the cookie dough, which is great if it survives being nibbled at. Many such as Craig's Cookies, Red Twig Cafe and Aya Pastry are all selling off their famous doughs so you can recreate their staples at home.

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