Baking Without Eggs

Indeed, because of the popularity of vegan baking in recent years - there's already a wealth of information and inspiration to lean on here. Plant-based cooks have been saying for some time that you can make a totally delicious bake without eggs. In some cases that means substituting other binding agents and fat - flaxseed, chia and dates are particularly particular. And of course, there's aquafaba (chickpea water) which has already had something of a moment as the 'go-to' egg replacement.

Piece of Cake

Unsurprisingly, one of the things home cooks are most keen to bake is a good old, comforting cake. But not everyone has an egg handy... luckily, recipes like these show how you can still get a perfect slice. One recipe which has captured plenty of people's imaginations online has been the two ingredient wonder suggested by Emily Leary, which utilises self-raising flour and ice cream, truly a slice of genius to get people baking.


Even more appealing to many home cooks than a cake is the ever-versatile traybake. From flapjacks to brownies to puddings, the key to most traybakes is 'less is more'. As ever, Jamie Oliver has been at hand to help solve the problem with traybakes as well, offering up his recipe for an eggless dark chocolate and hazelnut cake.

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