Baskin-Robbins Is Giving Away Free Waffle Sandwiches in Homage to the Return of 'Stranger Things'

We saw a global wave of Game of Thrones food and drink references when the final series hit, and now the latest episodes of Netflix's hit series Stranger Things is here the trend is back. Paying homage to the return of the hit supernatural series, ice cream and cake chain Baskin' Robbins is giving away free ice cream waffle sandwiches in homage to lead star Eleven's favourite Eggo frozen waffles.

The American chain partnered with delivery service Uber-Eats to create a virtual 'scoop alley' which appeared in Sydney on 4th July to mark the return of the series, an online recreation of the ice cream parlour featuring in the new series.

The giveaway also celebrates Baskin-Robbins' new Stranger Things-themed ice cream range, available in both Australia and the US this July. As well as the aforementioned ice cream waffle sandwich, you can buy creations including 'The Shadow Cone, 'The Mind Flayer Macaron' and 'The Demogorgon Sundae' either in-store of via Uber-Eats.

In the US, Baskin' Robbins went one further, recreating the Scoop Ahoy parlour featured in the series at two locations for fans of the show and the ice cream alike to fully immerse themselves.

Find out more about the collaboration on the Baskin' Robbins website here.