BBQ & Grill Trends 2020

As home cooking became an obsession for many, it's no surprise that we have seen lots of fun recipe innovation in the barbecue and grill world - by home cooks and professionals alike.

From global twists to funky formats, delivery kits to plant-based feats - there's a barbecue trend out there for everyone. We have been busy trawling restaurant menus and shelves both sides of the Atlantic to bring you a round-up of some of our favourites.

Totally Tacos

Mexican food has been riding a high across the world of late, and we aren't just talking loaded Tex-Mex Nachos and burritos. Consumer appetite for 'authentic' Mexican cuisine is piqued, which means handmade tortillas, vibrant fresh salsa etc. This love for Mexican food goes hand in hand with barbecue season, as fresh tortillas are piled high with pork belly, barbacoa lamb, beef brisket and much more.

Pure Pastrami

Smoked meats have been having something of a moment in general, and none more so than pastrami. Though often designated 'deli fare', pastrami is actually perfect BBQ season fodder - if you have a little patience. Typically made from lower-cost cuts of meat, like brisket or naval, pastrami is generally brined for some time before being partially dried, seasoned liberally with herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed before serving. Lucky for us, there's a new wave of pastrami aficionados selling ready prepped goodies that you can refresh at home.

Super Spatchcock

Lovers of a Sunday roast will already know, sometimes there's just nothing more comforting than the sight of a whole chicken ready with all the trimmings. The summer months make hours slaving over a hot stove somewhat less enticing, so many of us turn to our BBQs... but that doesn't mean we don't still fancy a nice juicy bird. Enter 'spatchcocked' chickens; cut and flattened for an easy, even, (relatively) quick cook on the grill or smoker. Just add salad and a glass of wine!

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