BBQ Season Is Well And Truly Here

The weatherman made us wait but BBQ season is finally here, with sunyy days and balmy evenings setting the scene perfectly for a good grill will friends and family.

As ever at this time of year the tfp team has been trawling through restaurant menus, social media and the supermarket shelves to see what's trending in the world of fire cooking in 2021. And unsurprisingly, a lot has changed this season.

Not only here in the UK but people globally have been spending more time outside when restrictions have allowed, meeting others in the open air which has led to more outdoor cooking and with added creativity too.Pair this with the shift in consumer eating habits to a more plant-based and flexitarian diets and you've got a recipe for change which has seen more vegetables as the main event as one of many highlights.

Char It - for many, a key feature of a great BBQ dish is that signature char on the outside. With cooks increasingly taking a 'treat it like meat' approach to preparing vegetables, it's no surprise that charring appears in veggie dishes too, adding texture, depth of flavour and visual effect.

Fin To Grill - a staple of many a summer BBQ is a range of fresh fish grilled to perfection (most of the time!). With waste reduction a continued hot topic across the food world and nose-to-tail and root-to-stem cooking an essential part of many chefs' repertoire, it's no surprise to see more fin-to-grill becoming increasingly more mainstream. That is using every part of the fish.

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