Beans & Pulses Populate The Pantry

When rumours of stockpiling started to circulate, shoppers were famously quick to snap up dried pasta and toilet roll from supermarket shelves... but there was another category of humble pantry staples that suddenly found itself in high demand. Enter, beans and pulses.

Full Of Beans

From chickpeas to baked beans, lentils to borlotti beans, and beyond - shoppers can't seem to get enough of beans & pulses; and we aren't just talking canned varieties... with consumers suddenly finding themselves at home and with plenty of time to spare, many are rediscovering the joys of slow cooking - and in some cases, that means (for example) soaking dried beans overnight to simmer the next day for stew, chilli, baked beans... you name it.

Simply Does It

For many of us, there is nothing more comforting than a plate of humble baked beans on toast... and now that we find ourselves at home and with time to spare, point out chefs and food writers, why not take the time to soak dried beans and whip up a batch from scratch? All manner of recipes for slow-cooked beans have been posted, and they all share a common thread - simple and filling. For example Ali Slagle's cheesy white bean tomato bake made with canned beans and tomato paste or Sage Garlic And White Wine Butter Beans from Jessica Elliott Dennison.

Go Global

Throughout the world, beans and pulses are widely used to make comforting soups and hearty stews. As well as being warm and satisfying, soups/stews are a budget-friendly option as they can be bulked out with pantry items and fridge scraps. No surprise, then, that chefs have been quick to flag recipes from around the world based around pantry staples like chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans.

Latin Flavour

Speaking of global flavours and dishes... There's one part of the world that is offering tonnes of inspiration to chefs right now; enter Latin and Central America. From tacos laden with black beans, to chilli con carne, to feijoada (bean and meat stew) - it seems to be the go-to region for many when coming up with tasty and exciting ways to use up some beans. And with the world around us in uncertainty, the most popular recipes are about fun and flexibility... substitute ingredients where needed, and add whatever you like... Crushed nacho chips? Why not!

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