Bens Electric cPot Cloud Intelligent Cooking Appliance

Countless high-tech products are conceived each year, but only a small number can be converted into real practical products for the people, and the field of kitchen appliances is no exception. Modern people are busy, mostly choosing fast food, which is convenient, but at the cost of health and family interests. This time at CES, Bens Electric unveiled its newly developed Cloud intelligent cooking appliance, "cPot", which is the result of more than 390 days and nights of researching, organically integrating cloud technology with kitchen appliances, presenting an effective solution for modern cooking problems, bringing new concepts to future kitchen life.

With Cloud Technology, Bens "cPot" uses Cloud Intelligent remote control to access the Internet. With just a press of a button on a mobile phone, computer or other mobile Internet devices, it can start a series of complex procedures, such as measuring, adding and washing rice, adding water and preparing porridge, for the convenient enjoyment of delicious home cooked rice. Whether at work or on the way home, or even far away in a foreign country, no matter how far you are, you can realize your cooking dreams through mobile phones, computers, tablets and other network terminals.

The Bens "cPot " includes 25 independent patents, including 4 design patents, 8 patents, 13 utility model patents and 31 international patents. At its premiere, it won "Outstanding Product Award" and "Outstanding Show Award" at the Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair, and second prize in the Philips Global Innovation Competition and a number of international awards. It defines a brand new concept for future life in the kitchen, and has epoch-making significance to the kitchen appliance industry.

At CES, "cPot" again brings heat waves to the overseas exhibition, standing out among many products, successfully winning the 2014 Global Top Brands individual award, the "Annual Innovation Award", which evokes everyone's infinite dream for futuristic family life. "cPot" revolutionized the natural pattern of the kitchen appliance industry, and vividly presents the concept of Cloud kitchen appliances to the public.

Zhang Bin, Chairman of the Board says, researching and development of cloud intelligent kitchen appliances and electrical appliances have been planned within the company's strategic development plan, and BNW products are the first step in the company's strategic plan. Bens electronics will continue to require great expenditure in product research and development. Over the next 10 years, Bens will systematically create a perfect life with cloud intelligence technology.