Beverage News As Reef Returns, Whilst There's A New Tequila Selzter On The Shelves

A 90s classic alcopop returns to the shelves as Reef makes a comeback, whilst in a much more recent beverage trend, the White Claw brand introduces a new tequila selzter.

After two decades out, the affordable passionfruit and orange vodka mix alcopop Reef is back for sale in B&M stores in the UK. Despite being a hugely popular option on nights out, the blend was discontinued in the early 2000s. But now it's back, in fitting with the trend of nostalgia and classic comfort, as covered in our most recent Trends Book.

Reef manager Jacob Barrett was quoted as saying: "We're very much experiencing a return to the '90s as a culture, from bucket hats to S Club 7, and Reef feels like the perfect taste to transport people back."

Another drink ticking the nostalgia box is Hooch with three new flavours, including now being available with an added caffeine hit.

In other beverage news, hard Seltzer brand White Claw has introduced a new collection of ready-to-drink tequila seltzers under the name Tequila Smash.

"White Claw pioneered the ready-to-drink category, which continues to be one of the fastest growing beverage categories and ripe for disruption," explained Phil Rosse, president of Mark Anthony Brands Inc., White Claw's parent company "Following the success of our White Claw Vodka + Soda launch last year, we seized the opportunity to bring decades of beverage research and flavour innovation to another popular spirit, tequila. White Claw Tequila Smash is a revolutionary new way to enjoy a tequila drink with friends."

The brand claims the drink to be the first tequila beverage blending "ultra-pure" seltzers, "authentic" tequila and fresh fruit flavours with no added sugar.

The new seltzer launched in the US initially, with further international expansion still to be announced.