Bill's Offers Mindful Drinking Menu

Bill's, the British restaurant and bar chain has become one of the first UK outlets to commit to a mindful drinking stance for consumers, as the increasing demand for such beverages awaits big name interest.

The updated menu will now feature a 'Mindful Drinking' section, where the familiar non-alcoholic cocktails will now be joined by the likes of kombucha and CBD infused drinks. Helping to realise this ambition is the Naturally Pure Lab, innovators in the world of dissolvable CBD capsules, making the brand new CBD Golden Latte (turmeric, agave, ginger root, cinnamon, black pepper & coconut milk) and CBD Latte Espresso (oat milk & agave) possible.

Also at hand to assist Bill's has been Trip, a CBD focused canned drinks firm which will offer Elderflower & Mint and Peach & Ginger soft drinks, as well as an original cocktail creation called Deep Peach.

Speaking of the news, Dan Whiteside (BIll's bar development manager), said: "The CBD market is a growing market that Bill's is proud to be involved with. More people are wanting drinks that can have health benefits and the big talking points at the moment are mental health, wellbeing, and health in general. We have created a range of CBD-infused drinks, which are not only delicious and non-alcoholic, but have health benefits too."