Boba Kits

The world of 'make your own' kits has exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdown has seen everything from pizza kits to taco kits, and now we have at home boba tea kits. Yes, the Taiwanese tapioca pearl tea can no be created at home, with a range of mail order, takeaway and delivery kits; from cafes, restaurants and online companies.

Boba Fette

Though we have seen many alcoholic and cocktail kits made available during lockdown, there has been a clear shortcoming in the availability of soft drinks. Boba tea is all about the experience - the clear cup, the oversized straw, the tapioca balls and colourful infusions. All of which make it much harder to replicate while at home.

Classic Boba

Whether it is mail order, delivery or takeaway boba kits all follow a similar pattern, fired tapioca pearls, which need cooking in boiling water for 30 minutes, syrups and infusions to flavour milk and some oversize straws. Bubble Tea Club set up at the start of lockdown, offering an incredible 550 possible combinations with the available toppings, syrups and teas.

Boba Extra

For those wishing for a more interesting bubble tea, then there are kits out there offering something a little extra. These include those that contain traditional bamboo matcha whisks to make authentic bubble matcha, as well as a range of alcoholic boba tea cocktails.

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