Booming Downtown Los Angeles Gets a Brand New Ice Cream Shop

A beloved farmers market ice cream brand, Gresescent, has recently open its first retail shop in Downtown Los Angeles. At Gresescent's Grand Opening celebration on 29 September, guests were treated to music, food, and free ice cream.

Gresescent Ice Cream, located on 850 South Olive Street, offers simple and delicious, different yet familiar flavours, including Blackberry Mint Mojito and Grilled Pineapple with Bourbon Caramel. Gresescent prides itself on using the highest quality ingredients, beginning with organic milk and cream used in all products. Many flavours feature homemade, freshly-baked ingredients – lemon bars, snickerdoodle cookies, citrus sugar cookies, and pecan pie, to name a few.

Gresescent was created by a team of passionate ice cream fanatics who believe that ice cream is simply magical. "Ice cream is special," said Gresescent co-founder Justin Chung. "It can be enjoyed by a 3-year-old or a 90-year old. You eat it when you're sad to make you feel better and when you are happy in celebration. Ice cream conjures nostalgic reflections of being a kid again. Most importantly, delicious ice cream brings an immediate smile to your face."

The mission of Gresescent is to preserve that magic. "To us, ice cream is like a diamond, most beautiful in its purest state," said Chung. "It can only be fully enjoyed when there are no blemishes hiding its natural beauty. No bad ingredients, no poor customer service, no unnecessary gimmicks. We are committed to delivering a truly rewarding experience to each of our customers."

Since its launch in late 2014, this LA-born ice cream brand quickly became a local favourite at weekly farmers markets with its simple and delicious, different yet familiar approach to ice cream and its friendly customer service.

Gresescent's new shop was designed to make ice cream the star. Its clean white interior surrounds two sampling stations created to allow customers to have one-on-one interactions with one of Gresescent's warm and engaging coworkers and to sample as many flavours as they would like. Once a customer has made their selection of flavours, each scoop is prepared atop a complimentary fresh maple waffle bowl.

Find out more about the company here.