Breakfast For Dinner Trend Continues, Nine Out Of 10 Americans Enjoy Breakfast Night

Krusteaz, makers of premium baking, pancake and waffle mixes, have released the results of its annual breakfast survey, a national poll conducted by ORC International, revealing that breakfast for dinner continues to be a popular trend among Americans. In fact, nine out of ten (90 percent) Americans say they eat breakfast for dinner, with more than half (53 percent) of respondents enjoying breakfast night dinners once a month or more, and nearly a quarter eating breakfast for dinner once a week.

Survey results indicate that breakfast for dinner is also a family favorite, as those with children in the house are more likely than those without to eat breakfast for dinner (94 percent vs. 88 percent). In fact, 30 percent of families make Breakfast Night a weekly occurrence and two-thirds of families with kids (67 percent) said Breakfast Night is either very enjoyable or their "absolute favorite."

"Last year we officially named Wednesday Night as Breakfast Night," said Andy Heily, President of Continental Mills. "And for good reason – Americans have said loud and clear they LOVE breakfast, so we're embracing the trend and encouraging Krusteaz fans to enjoy our waffles and pancakes anytime they please, day or night. After all, there is no wrong time to enjoy breakfast."

A variety of factors contribute to the continued popularity of breakfast for dinner, including how easy it is. Thirty-eight percent noted that having all the ingredients on hand is the main appeal, followed closely by the "love" of breakfast food (35 percent), and it being easier and faster than preparing a traditional dinner (31 percent). Additionally, those with children are more likely to use breakfast night as family night, when Dad's in charge, and for other celebratory occasions such as birthdays or Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Millennials are also huge fans of Breakfast Night. Ninety-four percent say they eat breakfast for dinner and 32 percent do so weekly. Their favorite dish of choice is pancakes or waffles (37 percent). No matter your age, syrup is the preferred topping for pancakes and waffles, selected by 60 percent of respondents.

Making Family Memories
When it comes to preparation, mom is still most likely to lead the preparation of Breakfast Night dinners (41 percent), but many families are also using it as an opportunity to come together. In a shift from 2014, more kids are in the kitchen, with 39 percent of respondents saying Breakfast Night preparation is a "joint effort" between family members, compared to just 17 percent last year.

The Importance of Sharing Mealtime
Half of all adults (54 percent) choose dinner as their favorite meal of the day. Most adults (62 percent) eat dinner as a family at least four nights a week, with over one in three (37 percent) saying they do so every night. Those with children in the household are even more likely to have dinner as a family at least 4 nights a week (72 percent).

Right out of the box, fans can enjoy the tastiest pancakes and waffles on the market with Krusteaz mixes. To inspire the limitless possibilities that Breakfast Night brings throughout the year, Krusteaz encourages fans of Breakfast Night and newcomers to try easy and fun recipes that can be found at