BrewDog To Open Edinburgh Beer-Themed Hotel

BrewDog has announced its plans for a new beer-themed hotel to open in Edinburgh expected in Q3 of 2021. It's not the brand's first foray into accommodation after it's DogHouse hotel in Columbus, Ohio, which includes a craft beer museum and library filled with brewing and boozy-themed books.

Making the announcement of the new hotel on his Twitter, BrewDog co-founder James Watt gave some initial information, saying: "Announcing the @BrewDog DogHouse Edinburgh. An amazing beer hotel & bar in the heart of Scotland's capital. Expect beer on tap in all the rooms, mini-bars filled with the best beers in the planet & fridges in the shower for shower beers."

If shower beers weren't a thing before, they soon will be thanks to BrewDog.

In other news from the Scottish brewery and pub chain, they recently also launched a new flavour in collaboration with Tony's Chocolate, with a White Chocolate Beer. The new white chocolate and raspberry milkshake IPA hasn't got a release date as yet but it's definitely got people excited.

Finally, in a move to highlight their sustainability focus, BrewDog this week announced a new partnership with Forest Green Rovers, the world's most sustainable football club.

Find out more about BrewDog over on their website here.