Brick Toast Breaking The Norm

Having already made itself a huge fanbase in East Asia, Brick Toast continues its march across the globe, offering diners a satisfying combination of sugary toast with a variety of additional syrups and sauces.

So what is it? Brick toast is a dish whose main ingredient is a thick slab of buttered and toasted white bread. The centre of the bread is removed and cubed, toasted and flavoured with honey and then returned to the centre of the slab. It is usually served with syrups, custards and ice creams as well as fruit or chocolate.

The result often means a plate piled high with cubes of bread and drenched in toppings, making it the perfect indulgent meal to post on social media.

Go Traditional!

For purists, honey toast is the original form of brick toast. At its simplest, it consists of just thick sliced bread, and a honey drizzle. Of course, this doesn't mean plenty of people aren't also layering it up with ice cream and fruit as well

Matcha Made In Heaven

Of course, we can't talk tea without mentioning matcha. With its vibrant green hue, this tea powder adds an extra splash of colour perfect for Instagram. Whether it's baked into the bread, drizzled on top or used to flavour ice cream, there is a range of dessert-style brick toasts oozing with matcha's distinctive flavour

Some Bubbles

Brick toast is also a popular meal to eat alongside boba (bubble) tea, so why not combine the two? These dishes take the best of both worlds and use sweet sauces packed with boba to pour over thick brick toast. Often using popular boba tea flavours like Thai milk tea and black sesame.

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