Burger King Goes Meat-Free In Leicester Square For Relaunch

QSR chain Burger King has relaunched its flagship Leicester Square location with a fully meat-free menu for a month, until 10th April. Following a redesign, the London restaurant reopened today as completely plant-based with a host of new menu items including a plant-based Cheeeze & Bakon Whopper, the Vegan Nugget Burger and Vegan Chilli Cheeeze Bites.

The move marks the brand's first ever 100% vegan restaurant in the UK and it will serve as a trial for future expansion of the plant-based menu nationwide. "We're incredibly proud of our new meat-free menu; it absolutely delivers on big taste with no compromises and reflects our ongoing commitment to serving our customers a diverse and innovative range of products," explained CMO at Burger King UK, Katie Evans.

"The limited-edition menu is a direct result of our focus on vegan and plant-based innovation and goes hand in hand with our target of a 50% meat-free menu by 2030, as well as our commitment to sustainability and responsible business. We can't think of a more fitting way to re-launch our new-look flagship in Leicester Square."

Burger King has introduced several plant-based offerings over the past months and year, including their Vegan Nuggets which launched this January in line with Veganuary. More recently, they introduced a new Katsu Curry Range, featuring the Veggan Katsu Royal and the Plant-Based Katsu Chilli Whopper burger.

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