Burger King Introduces Two New Burgers With An Italian Twist

QSR chain Burger King has launched two new burgers inspired by the classic Caesar Salad, in time for summer - the new Bacon Caesar Angus and the Bacon Caesar Crispy Chicken.

Both sat under the Gourmet Kings banner, these two burgers are reinvented versions of the classic Angus and Crispy Chicken burgers. The Bacon Caesar Angus brings together the best of British and great global flavours, with its150g Aberdeen Angus beef patty, drizzled with a garlic caesar mayo, and packed with smoked bacon, oak smoked cheddar, crispy onions and fresh rocket.

Meanwhile, the Bacon Caesar Crispy Chicken features a 100% chicken breast topped with smoked bacon, oak smoked cheddar, crispy onions, fresh rocket and the garlic caesar sauce.

Topping off these new menu items is the new perfect pairing - Bacon Caesar Loaded King Fries, with bacon bits and Burger King's Caesar mayo. You can also wash this all down with the latest flavour addition to the chain's Frozen Fanta range, Blue Raspberry.

The new Gourmet Kings collection plus Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry drink went live in store and on delivery apps around the UK this week.