CAFE BUSTELO Celebrates Life's Vibrant Moments

For those who strive to live life to the fullest, the Café Bustelo Experience showcases a vibrant lifestyle that inspires people to find the joy and vivacity in every moment, driven by the authentic quality of Café Bustelo coffee – the flavour that won't hold you back.

This summer, colourful Café Bustelo pop-up shops in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Austin will bring the essence of the Café Bustelo lifestyle ( "la vida latina") to the public, just as the coffee maker's founder Gregorio Bustelo did almost a century ago. These pop-up shops will provide an open door where communities can gather and celebrate life with live music, free Wi-Fi and flavourful Café Bustelo coffee.

Café Bustelo recently hosted a sampling space at the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco. Longtime fans and newcomers alike took part in the Café Bustelo Experience and made meaningful connections with others. Throughout 2016, Café Bustelo will participate in a variety of Music Festivals. For specific locations and dates of upcoming festivals, please visit the Café Bustelo Experience.

Café Bustelo coffee is an authentic Cuban style coffee started by Gregorio Bustelo, a young Spanish entrepreneur in the 1930s. From Europe to Cuba to New York City, Bustelo brought his community, family and friends together and made his dreams come true. Today, Café Bustelo still lives that legacy of la vida latina, inviting people to experience a vibrant lifestyle where nothing can hold them back.

To learn more about the Café Bustelo Experience this summer visit the website here.