Californian Restaurant Goes Completely Horchata

Mexican food is enjoying a moment in the spotlight of late, and as such we've seen the rise in consumption of the popular milky drink Horchata, but one Californian restaurant has taken it a step further, where everything is Horchata-based.

A bit of background on the drink .... Horchata is the name of several beverages made from almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, tiger-nuts or melon seeds. The drink appears 'milky' thanks to its nut or seed content, but will also occasionally have cow's milk added to it. Recently, many cafés and restaurants have begun to offer Horchata in its traditional form - or as flavour inspiration for frappes, milkshakes and cocktails.

Horchateria Rio Luna has gone all out. From Horchata Iced Coffee to Horchata ice cream-topped churro sundae, this go-to dessert spot combined Horchata in blends you would not have thought possible. And what's more, it's all made in house.

Find out more about the location over on it's website here.

Back in October, we featured Horchata in our drinkswatching report - looking at the history and rise of the Mexican beverage and its uses. From Pink Horchata, to Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale, to Horchata-Flavoured Rockstar Energy Drink ... the uses are now widespread. Find out more about the flavours and trend over in the report on our trendhub here.

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