Camden Welcomes Rendang and Rice

Jasmin Ayling brings Rendang + Rice to Camden's unique Buck Street Market, an eco-conscious initiative to support consumers in their pursuit of positive sustainability, ready to serve up a menu certain to lift the spirits this winter; both flavours and fragrant dishes created upon family traditions.

Unsurprisingly, Ayling has made it a key focus to cook everything from scratch and with fresh ingredients throughout, producing food which captures the spirit of her own family story from the kitchen. From the likes of pickles and sauces, right the way to the delicious ice creams, it is all completed in house for maximum satisfaction.

For those new to Rendang, it is a traditional dish within Indonesian cuisine, comprising slow cooked beef which is then cooked as a rich curry; often recipes featuring quirks of each families approach to the dish. Ayling has also used her family recipe in the making of Rendang at Buck Street Market, sharing the love which has gone into her life of dining at home with the whole of London.

There shall also be a 'Ve-dang' creation on offer, made using lentils and mushrooms, ensuring that vegans do not miss out on the homely treats from Rendang + Rice. Bao Buns shall be on offer too, both in savoury BBQ Pork and a sweet 'Bao-nut', the latter fried and filled with Speculoos ice cream or vegan pandan and coconut ice cream; both homemade of course.

As a member of the Camden Buck Street Market, Rendang + Rice have pledged their business to the overarching ethos of sustainability too, using ethically sourced beef and including 50% plant based dishes upon the menu.

More information about Rendang + Rice and Buck Street Market available here