CampMaid Charcoal Chimney Kickstarter Campaign Takes Outdoor Cooking to New Level

Popular producers of outdoor cooking tools, CampMaid recently announced its new Charcoal Chimney via Kickstarter. The patent pending design utilises a funnel airflow which rapidly heats the briquettes, getting charcoal hot and ready to cook quicker than regular methods. A unique twist to heating charcoal for outdoor cooking, the portable, collapsible, one-piece chimney folds open to snap into place, and heats up to 40 charcoal briquettes at a time.

Traditional BBQ charcoal takes a long time to heat up. For situations that need small portable outdoor cooking systems for camping, backpacking, scouts, tailgating, etc. it's inconvenient to pack a huge charcoal chimney to heat your charcoal. This led to the invention of CampMaid's Charcoal Chimney, which folds down to fit inside a 12" Dutch oven for compact storage and can be used for every BBQ or grill that uses charcoal.

For over 300 years the Dutch oven has been a staple of outdoor cooking. But beyond the standard baking function, it offered little in the way of variety. CampMaid's Complete Outdoor Cooking System inspires creative meals for outdoor cooking adventures, with accessories that convert any Dutch oven for smoking, grilling, baking, frying, steaming, a pizza oven, and leaves-no-trace in the environment.

The CampMaid system is versatile and portable, with all of its accessories fitting in the custom designed CampMaid 12" Dutch oven, and provides campers, scouts, tailgaters, hunters, beach-goers, river-runners, and especially emergency preppers a grab-and-go "outdoor kitchen-in-a-bag" solution.

"CampMaid's passion for creating multi-functional, high-quality, outdoor cooking tools is endless," says CampMaid founder and CEO Ken Yocum. "We take direct feedback from customers and implement ideas, suggestions, new concepts, and deliver what the customer wants with excellent service. We can't wait to hear how our customers like the new Charcoal Chimney, which was inspired by many requests over the last year!"

Find out more about the CampMaid brand on its website here.