Canlis Battles COVID-19

One of Seattle's most well regarded restaurants, Canlis, has become a shining example of how the dining industry can adapt to the current COVID-19 epidemic; protecting the welfare and wages of staff.

Announcing today, Canlis has chosen to close their popular restaurant and instead create three new establishments which will allow business to continue, crucial to employees who cannot afford health insurance, the cost of paying for treatment out of their own pocket or continuing meeting rent and bills with a break in income.

The establishment shall now offer a 'Breakfast Bagel Shed, drive-thru burger lunch service and a family meal dinner delivery scheme, meaning fans can still get some of their favourite Canlis dishes and staff remain employed during this anxious time.

Canlis spoke frankly when making the announcement, adding: "Fine dining is not what Seattle needs right now. Instead, this is one idea for safely creating jobs for our employees while serving as much of the city as we can."

Though the solution may not be suitable for all establishments, it might prove inspirational in convincing others to follow suit, protecting the welfare and wages of workers.