categorywatching - Confectionery and Sweet Snacking 2023

Our latest categorywatching report is live, shining a light on confectionery and sweet snacking including chocolate, sweets, fudge, cookies, biscuits, snack bars and gifts across the category.

Confectionery and sweet snacking is shaken up in light of climate change, the cost of living crisis and an overall trend towards healthier snacking. As #ratsnacks goes viral anything goes when it comes to snacks from peanut butter-stuffed dates to cinnamon and apple-topped toast.

With creativity at an all-time high, new flavours and ways to snack are sought along with the comforting nostalgic flavours that we know and love. Along with simple wholesome ingredients, often meaning less refined sugar, brands respond to rising prices. Chocolate bars are shrinking in part due to inflation, and when shopping more of us are cutting back on everyday biscuits such as digestives in an effort to save (Kantar, 2023). However, when we do buy a high value is placed upon ethics, taste and quality.

1. Simple, Wholesome – Confectionery is an indulgence, however, we're also looking for less refined sugar. Raw saba bananas are added to chocolate for a fibre boost, and whole pistachios bring crunch, and nutritious credentials.

2. Newness – Whether it's a hit of umami flavour like banana cardamom chocolate eggs or a new way to snack (aka rat snacks on Tik Tok where anything goes) with cannoli dips and frozen yoghurt bites, a high value is placed on new.

3. Doing good – Focus on planet and people is key. Cereal bars made using regeneratively farmed pongamia bean oil have launched, and cognitive benefits become more important within functional health.


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