categorywatching - Deli 2024

Introducing our latest categorywatching report - our in-depth reports which are dedicated to exploring the future trend horizon through the lens of retail categories - Deli 2024. This report looks at trends in pies, quiches, sandwich fillers, antipasti, hummus & dips, coleslaw, olives and more.

There's lots happening on the deli aisle! As eating habits evolve around modern lifestyles, the deli category is changing to keep up. Think 'picky bits' meals, better-for-you deli, sustainable choices, global influences, new wave charcuterie, gourmet dips … the list goes on.

As ever when profiling reports from the tfp trendhub, we've collated three key take-outs from the full report to give you a sense of what's inside. In no particular order:

1. Chips & Dip 2.0 – A trusty grazing favourite, 'chips and dip' is going to new gourmet heights. Good old fashioned 'proper' dairy is having a moment as in 'it' base for dips – and the likes of ricotta, cream cheese, feta, yogurt and labneh, are elevated with flavour and texture twists. Think baked ricotta dip topped with pecans and olive oil, whipped feta drizzled with hot honey, or extra creamy labneh swirled with vibrant beet dip. And don't forget about the 'crisps'! There's salty snack favourites and potato chips aplenty, of course – but also the likes of crostini dippers, pitta chips, super seeded crackers, giant celeriac crisps… and you get the picture.

2. Eco Deli – Consumers are looking for ways to make more sustainable choices, in easy and accessible ways. So ancient, climate friendly grains such as einkorn, sorghum & farro are finding their way into the crusts of pies & quiches, and used in lieu of other staple grains and carbs to give flavour and texture to deli salads. Meanwhile, 'zero waste' continues to be a key driver for cooks and consumers alike. Think 'fridge raid' salads that make the most of leftovers, nose-to-tail terrines, and veg trimmings turned into punchy pickles. And the ambient aisle is fast becoming a treasure trove for deli spreads. Gourmet tinned fish, anyone?

3. Middle East Flavour The Middle Eastern influence in deli is huge this year… the likes of muhammara, baba ganoush, labneh, tahini, dates, flatbreads, boreks and more are trending, and being reimagined with gourmet and global twists. Think muhammara and halloumi tacos, or bagel crackers dusted in za'atar spice… And of course, everyone's favourite staple Middle Eastern dip continues to shine… hummus, of course! New wave hummus takes included chickpea alts for the base (e.g. edamame, carrots, squash), meat-topped hummus meals (hummus piled with brisket, anyone?), and texture play… Think super smooth hummus, topped with crunchy chickpeas and chopped veggies. Is it a dip? A salad? Who cares!

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