Categorywatching - Fish & Seafood 2022

Our latest categorywatching report, those reports dedicated to 'Retail Category' Trend Foresight, is live covering all we've been tracking across Fish & Seafood. In this categorywatching report we look at fresh fish, tinned fish, ready prepared fish and seafood, as well as frozen fish too.

Waters are choppy for fish and seafood as rising fuel costs and Russian tariffs on white fish all drive up the price of takeaway fish and chips. Volumes of chilled fish are -4% YOY (Kantar, Sept 2022) and with costs rapidly rising, choosing fresh fish is now seen as a luxury for many consumers. According to recent research one in four consumers is looking to cut back on fish and seafood amidst the cost of living crisis (Reuters, 2022).

However, resilience is at an all-time high, as store cupboard ingredients such as tinned fish and even frozen fish are sought to help make tasty, healthy and affordable meals. Innovative swaps within fresh such as trout for salmon in en croutes or different ways with mackerel trend.

To give you a feel for the main topics explored in this latest categorywatching report, we've collated three key takeouts below. tfp trendhub subscribers can also access the report in full - the link is at the end of this article.

1. Takeaway or Not - Premiumisation is sought, particularly from the freezer. Just as frozen caviar becomes available, crispy monkfish bites with a Korean dipping sauce also makes a delicious takeaway alternative.

2. Pates & Terrines – With so many more lunchbox occasions, pates and terrines can make an affordable and delicious way to enjoy lunch. Pickled tuna pate on pitta, why not?

3. Tinned - The tinned fish trend continues, from stuffed octopus served on sharing platters through to rainbow trout and cream cheese on toast, there is extended choice.


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