categorywatching - Food To Go 2024

It's exciting times in the world of Food To Go, as consumers and businesses alike balance cost and convenience, with the need for occasional indulgence… In this latest categorywatching report, we delve into healthier choices, new occasions, cuisine trends, sandwiches, pies, pastry and much(!) more.

Time is money as they say, and with the cost of living continuing to bite, many of us are working to more compensate. This makes any time we have left even more precious - particularly when it comes to eating - and so the concept of food-to-go is gaining significant traction. From budget-busting bouches that amuse to bigger bougie bites, the food-to-go space has become even more nuanced with an ever-growing colossus of options.

We've compiled three key takeouts from the full report:

1. Balance Is Key – Many look to reduce their consumption of 'ultra-processed' foods, and disregard the idea that 'eating well' is a sacrifice. They look to include positive, healthy inclusions to their meals – like whole grains, colourful veggies, lean meats, fish and tofu – to promote all-day energy.

2. Pastry 2.0 – Though there will always be demand for classic pastries, now we see more exciting hybrids and limited-edition flavours. Croissants gain further popularity with twisted formats; think croissant cubes, swirls, minis and even oversized tear n' share pain au choc. And there's plenty of Danish and escargots, too… Delicious served straight up, but even more exciting when they take on the flavours of carbonara, pizza, and more.

3. Looking East – Street food looks east this year as outlets draw influence from flavours and formats of East Asia – in particular China, Japan and Korea. Think Japanese shokupan (milk bread) sandos, Korean egg drop sandwiches, and crepe-like Chinese jianbing. And of course, there's cult status, spicy kimchi – which can amp up any dish, from tacos to toasties.


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