categorywatching - Jams, Cereals & Spreads 2024

Analysing thousands of touch points across global menus, retail and social media, our latest categorywatching report covers the big trends and future foresight across all things jams, cereals and spreads.

Look no further for delicious insights in this exciting category, which includes trends in jams, conserves, honey, syrups, spreads, nut butters, granola, cereal, porridge and more!

Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day. Projected to reach a potential value of USD 140.8 billion by 2033, the market share of cereals reflects this as a surge in demand grows (Global Newswire, 2024).

There are several main driving forces behind the data. Consumers are increasingly making health-conscious lifestyle choices, with a nutritious breakfast playing a key role in which protein, fibre and vitamins are paramount concerns. Among millennials, convenience remains important, causing brands to pivot towards diversifying offerings to on-the-go formats.

To give you a better understanding of what to expect from the full categorywatching report we've collated three key takeouts which include:

1. No Rules – Whether driven by indulgence, creativity or thrift, the rulebook is being thrown out the window in this category. Jams, cereals and spreads are being reimagined in exciting new ways, and being used as ingredients in other, unexpected dishes. Think 'mini croissant' cereal, peanut butter popcorn, savoury porridge, rhubarb jam daiquiris and more. Indeed, who said jams, cereals and spreads are just for breakfast!

2. Simply Sweet – As debate swirls around the impacts of ultra-processed foods, consumer are won over by products that can claim short, recognisable ingredient lists – and no excess sugar or hidden nasties. This approach is also bolstering a surge in homemade takes on confectionary treats, using jams, cereals and spreads – with a gourmet twist, of course. Cue, the likes of crispy rice squares with brown butter and pistachio, carrot cake energy balls made with oats, tahini flapjacks, and brittle swirled with nut butter, jam and crunchy seeds.

3. Make It Green – Demand for traditionally popular grains and nuts (wheat, peanuts, etc) are placing a strain on the planet's resources; so consumers and businesses alike are exploring alternative, climate friendly crops like sorghum, buckwheat and amaranth to make cereals, porridge, bars, bites and more. And that's not the only way they are reducing their carbon footprint in this category, as green initiatives abound. Upcycling, for instance, is going next level from home cooking through to industrial processing… e.g. bacon offcuts are used to make savoury jam, whilst by-products of corn milling create plant-based proteins with which to fortify cereals.

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