categorywatching - Plant-Based 2023

Our Plant Based 2023 report is live on TrendHub, and things are exciting as ever in the fast paced world of plant based innovation… New staples, hero vegetables, global inspiration, flavour twists, tech advancements for plant based alts and much more!

The plant-based movement has continued to mature since our last report in 2021, as consumer behaviour, preferences and tastes evolve. Formats, ingredients and cuisine inspiration continue to rely on super popular and forever favourite forms, while the rise of technology and scientific advancements has led to many interesting developments in the alternative animal product space.

Here are our three key takeouts for Plant-Based 2023:

1. Veg Celebration – As many look to reduce their consumption of 'ultra-processed' foods, they look instead to celebrate vegetables in all their natural glory. Minimal intervention comes to mind as veggies take centre stage, whether elevating humble veg (e.g. whole roasted broccoli with home-made romesco sauce) or trying a veg-centric take on tartare or carpaccio with ingredients like pineapple, beets and tomatoes. It's all about dishes that celebrate vegetables as the star – and put the 'plant' back into 'plant-based'.

2. Like The Real Thing - Technological advancements prove a game-changer as scientific breakthroughs recreate the taste, appearance, and texture of animal-based ingredients. Plant-based cheese has often fallen short in texture, but as makers experiment with technologies like precision fermentation – they start to achieve that all important stretch, melt and pull factor, to produce animal free cheese that mimics the real thing. Meanwhile, investment in molecular farming and 'next gen' 3D printing are paving a new path for the future of plant-based food, and create a whole new world of opportunities.

3. For You, And The Planet – For conscious consumers, taking care of the planet is a key driver for adopting a plant-based diet. So they look for other ways to care for the planet too, from reducing waste with upcycled ingredients to buying local, seasonal and farm-to-table produce where possible. Restaurateurs in turn evolve their menus with additional sourcing information, and some get closer to nature with foraged ingredients. Ingredients that tick all three boxes of taste, nutrition, and sustainability are increasingly the holy grail of plant-based.


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