categorywatching Report - Baby and Children's Food 2022

Our latest categorywatching report has landed on the tfp trendhub, collating all that we've been tracking across the category of Baby and Children's Food over the past months. This report includes a look at baby food and children's food across all categories, children's drinks, as well as children's food and drink out of home too.

As greater focus turns towards raising the next generation, growth within the infant and care category has risen +6.4% YoY (Kantar, 2022). Alongside this, new initiatives and campaigns come to the fore and media coverage grows - interest surrounding the category is at an all-time high. Despite the cost of living crisis, health remains a top priority, particularly when little ones are concerned. Functional ingredients and varieties of ancient grains like farro and spelt come to the fore.

To give you a taste of the full report, we've shared three key takeouts below.

1. Eat With Me – Caregivers and brands are exposing little ones to new flavours and textures using herbs, spices and more bitter greens at an early stage, which can mean that children are more likely to quickly enjoy a greater variety of tastes that is widened way beyond sweet. From sushi bento boxes for little ones through to Mexican hot chocolate ice cream cake, global taste adventures are key.

2. To the Future – With both the climate and cost of living crisis accelerating, looking to a different future for the next generation has never been so important. Innovative ways to reduce waste both at home and from supermarkets, such as using left over broccoli for cheesy broccoli muffins trends. Staple ingredients such as lentils and yoghurt are flexed into more usage such as Bolognese and dips. Little ones are also more involved when it comes to protecting the planet - grow your own seeds, free gardening equipment… The more children are involved with growing and preparing food, the more likely they are to enjoy eating it.

3. Healthier Additions – Whilst low sugar and salt are desired, there is a bigger emphasis on packing in functional ingredients for more targeted health. Immunity claims have been high since COVID-19, especially within children's food too, and waters enriched with probiotics, or simply packing in veggies in a fun way, has appeal. Purple carrot croquettes or spinach monster pancakes? Even switching over to ancient grains such as farro or quinoa can carry more nutritional benefits.


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