Categorywatching Report - Beer, Wines and Spirits

Our most recent categorywatching report takes a look at all that's been occurring across beer, wines and spirits. As ever, to give you some insight into what you can expect in this latest trendhub report we've pulled out three key take outs and shared them below.

1. Premium
Consumers may be looking to cut down on alcohol overall, however, when they do drink it is quality over quantity. With restaurants and bars reopening we are celebrating when we can – luxury cocktails and premium spirits bring a luxurious and indulgent feel; think classic, creamy Martini espressos or a frozen cocktail with vodka and lemon sorbet.

We're also being more creative than ever with flavour, both when going out and when staying in – think bottled sea buckthorn bucks fizz for an extra special brunch.

2. Low Impact
Across the industry there is an accelerated interest in organic and regenerative farming – the same goes for alcohol. Natural 'wines' such as Orange Wine and Piquette are unfiltered and, because they are made using waste products, have big sustainability cues as well. Beers, wines and spirits that give back to both the land and the people are gaining traction.

3. Reduced Alcohol
Many consumers want to cut down on alcohol due to health reasons, so reduced alcohol drinks continue to be in huge demand. We're seeing more spritzers and longer drinks, which naturally become that bit lower in ABV due to more leisurely sips. Hard Seltzers continue to trend, however, simple ingredients with nothing artificial are the order of the day.

Unusual local flavours trend alongside fruity flavours and tea. Tea packs a punch in terms of flavour and has the added bonus of being naturally sugar-free. Whether it's a mid-week tipple or drinking with friends over a picnic, it can be hard to resist a raspberry iced tea with just enough of a kick at 5% ABV. Also of note is that portability (convenience) is rapidly becoming as important as reduced and no alcohol choice.

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