Categorywatching Report - Christmas 2021

Our latest Categorywatching report has been published, looking at what we tracked across Christmas 2021 in Retail Food & Drink and Out of Home Food & Drink. As usual, to give you a taste for what to expect from the full report, we've compiled our three key takeouts from the report. Trendhub subscribers can access the full report via the link at the end of the article.

After the Christmas that was in 2020, many of us have been determined to celebrate in whatever way we can. With the emergence of Omicron, inflation and strikes, hospitality bookings are down, however, grocery sales are +7% versus 2 years ago (Kantar 12 wk/e 28th Nov, 2021). Home is at the heart and mince pies were even enjoyed in October as we couldn't wait to share that holiday feeling.

Here are our key takeouts:

1. Luxury Runs Through Christmas
We're determined to celebrate this year in whatever way we can, and luxury, whether it's a sprinkling of gold or even caviar topped eclairs, runs through food and drink.

There's also a more thoughtful approach as many look to support local businesses and for total transparency when it comes to ethics and supply chains.

2. Changing Things Up
Rainbow décor joins traditional colour schemes, and TikTok food hacks such as Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes bring subtle changes to Christmas. With more focus on brunch and eating informally, global inspiration (particularly in street food) has been enjoyed even more this year.

3. The Simple Things
The pandemic has meant that the simple things in life are appreciated even more and this translates to food and drink. Attention has turned towards processes such as a bourbon and pineapple glaze on a ham and macerated brandy cherries topping a cheesecake.

Trendhub subscribers can read the full report here. If you're not yet subscribed but are keen to find out more, get in contact using the links below.