Categorywatching Report - Condiments, Sauces & Seasonings

Our latest categorywatching report is out, and this time we're taking a dive into the world of Condiments, Sauces & Seasonings. Since the COVID-19 crisis has forced most of us to spend a lot more time at home, meal times have come into greater focus. From the working from home lunches to celebrating the sunshine with barbecues or garden picnics, sauces, condiments and seasonings help liven up even the most basic of dishes.

Here are three key take-out trends from our category report:

1. Super Hot

It seems we cannot get enough of the hot stuff. Varieties of chillies at the top end of the Scoville scale help blow our socks off, from the devilishly bold Naga to Carolina reaper or ghost pepper, named chillies combine an interest in unique varietals with a challenge to prove our spice-doubters wrong!

2. Change it Up

Rules are meant to be broken, and doing things a little differently helps add interest, intrigue and excitement. From added textures, culinary hybrids or some naughty language, we've never had as much choice to liven up our dishes with a simple addition of a sauce, condiment or seasoning.

3. All About The Process

As we seek to know more about our foods, the process behind our favourite condiments are well and truly front and centre. From ageing to fermenting, secret culinary techniques bring 'show and tell' to new heights, all for the pleasure of a perfect flavourful bite.

Find out more about the wider trends and learnings in the report in full here.