Categorywatching Report - Confectionary and Sweet Snacking

Our latest categorywatching report has been published covering Confectionary & Sweet Snacking, including findings across chocolate, sweets, fudge, cookies, biscuits, snack bars, gifts and more.

To give you a flavour of what's in this latest categorywatching report we've summarised three key take-outs for you below.

1. Flavour Renovation

Exciting flavour combinations make those indulgent moments, even more memorable. From nostalgic flavours with a twist such as pink lemonade chews to Seville orange truffles that remind us of the sun, creativity is high.

2. A Different Occasion

Impulse occasions have been far fewer since the pandemic and while many of us are now enjoying getting out and about more, a change in lifestyle means that many could be working from home (even if part time) for the long term. Thoughtful multipacks for those work from home snacks come to the fore – a different flavoured protein bar for every day of the week.

3. Good Choices

As well as great taste, we are looking to make choices that are good for people and the planet. Upcycled ingredients come to the category in a big way and plant-based choice is extended even further. Healthier choices also come to the fore – it's still chocolate, yet a rosemary caramel has some relaxing connotations, not to mention amazing taste.

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