Categorywatching Report - Crisps, Nuts and Savoury Snacking

We've published our latest Categorywatching report which takes a look at what has been happening across the snacking category, more specifically Crisps, Nuts and Savoury. The report takes a closer look at trends across a range of snacks including crisps, popcorn, nuts, meat snacks, savoury crackers, breadsticks and pretzels ... enough to make you feel hungry!

To give a flavour of what you'll find in the full report over on Trendhub we've pulled out three key takeaways from our learnings and summarised them below

1. Simplicity is key
Locally grown potatoes simply roasted with a sprinkle of seasoning or spelt sourdough crackers made with whole figs and honey answer consumer desire for simple authentic recipes and short ingredient lists.

2. Moving out of the aisle
Snacking has taken on a whole new meaning as more consumers look to work from home. Loaded flat breads for a simple lunch or cereal in a bag for that flexible working snack? Gaming and movie nights also step up a gear as gourmet popcorn and creative mix ups such as smooth Aero chocolate and crunchy popcorn make for an extra tasty night in. The opportunity for healthier alternatives to sit alongside indulgent snacks for those big nights in can be plenty too – think sorghum popcorn made to a gaming flavour.

3. Health
As we all snack more often, health arguably becomes even more important. Plant-based choice is extended with popped lotus seeds and even upcycled cranberry seeds. If it's tasty with a nutritious and sustainable halo, it's a bonus.

Trendhub subscribers can read the full report over on the Hub here. If you're interested in accessing all of our reports please get in touch using the details below.