categorywatching Report - Dairy & Eggs 2022

Our latest categorywatching report takes a deeper look into what movements we've been tracking across dairy and eggs over the past months. Dairy costs are rising at one of the fastest rates due to the climbing costs of animal feed, fuel and energy prices too. However, while value is incredibly important, consumers are also looking to treat themselves where possible.

Lesser-known varieties in retail can help bring affordable luxury to your plate, while at the other end of the spectrum where value is sought, alternatives are being used to still achieve the same finished product rather than changing plans.

Sustainability cues continue to be in high demand, and while plant-based alternatives are still growing (Kantar 2022) most consumers are buying into both dairy and plant-based with creativity in dairy continuing to drive demand.

To give a brief feel for what's covered in more detail in the Dairy & Eggs categorywatching report have a read of our three key takeouts below. Head to the end of the article to find out how you can access the report in full.

1. Flavour Forward - Flavoured butter and creams can jazz up the most simple of dishes. A potted Victoria plum trifle made with ginger cake and caramel cream is delicious. Flavour is one way to add value to a sector where prices continue to rise.

2. Regenerative - Consumers are making choices around what's best for wallets, health, and planet. With fertiliser and animal feed prices rising dramatically, intensive farming is getting more expensive. Regenerative, local farming messages behind milk, eggs, cream and desserts are welcome and also could become more within reach from a cost perspective long term.

3. High and Low - Full fat dairy is all the rage as butter boards go viral and three cheese soups with chickpeas and kale bring indulgence to Autumn staples. At the other end of the spectrum lighter choices also trend. Sour cream, crème fraîche, yoghurt and air fried halloumi are enjoyed.


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