Categorywatching Report - Deli

The global deli market continues to grow, though it is the effects of the COVID-19 crisis which may catapult this growth yet faster still, with consumers finding greater freedom than before to curate every meal.

Here are three key points apparent from our deli overview:

1) Living with lockdown, and spending more time at home means that most of us are unable to grab our favourite sandwich out of home like we used too. The spotlight is therefore shining on retail deli, as we look to the weekly shop to include special food moments. From sandwich meal kits including bagels, pastrami and favourite pickles jazzing up lunches to charcuterie mixes for a stay at home picnic, extra special deli food made easy is in demand!

2) With travel plans put on hold, food becomes even more important in terms of satisfying global tastes and culinary adventures. Deli classics with rich, regional histories trend such as pistachio mortadella from Northern Italy.

3) Living with COVID-19 means an even greater interest in food safety, and sourcing for many consumers. Locally produced charcuterie is likely to become more important joining organic and free-range claims. Innovative packaging solutions with big hygiene credentials could also come to the fore. As many of us look for clean ingredients, and to up our healthy food intake, extended plant-based choice also takes the place alongside meat and dairy.

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