Categorywatching Report - Desserts

In our latest categorywatching report to go live we've looked at all that's going on across Desserts, including chilled, ambient, potted and more. To give you a taste of what's in the report we've summarised three key take-outs for you below:

1. Flavour Renovation
More time at home has meant that many of us have mastered basic desserts such as crumbles and cakes.

We're therefore looking for more creativity when it comes to that irresistible dessert purchase. From buttermilk strawberry ice lollies to goats curd cheesecakes and Tim Tam Baklavas, rich and savoury tastes, not to mention lots of global fusions bring something different to the category.

2. Health and Indulgence
We want our dessert, however, with health rising to the top of many agendas, many of us are looking for some health benefits as well. Oat-based desserts score fairly high in terms of nutrition as well as often making a great dairy alternative. We are also seeing the addition of ingredients which have a healthy halo. Matcha added to a strawberry tart ups the antioxidants; and citrus fruits which are naturally high in Vitamin C also trend.

3. In with the Old
Comforting nostalgic flavours such as strawberry shortcake and raspberry ripple continue to make waves within the category. However, we are also going back to simple, ultra-traditional recipes that stand the test of time. French Patisserie including cherry clafoutis and mille-feuille are ultra-traditional yet bring amazing texture and taste to plates. Heritage fruits such as quince and gooseberry make a big play, as do traditional spreads such as lemon curd and marmalade.

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