Categorywatching Report - Easter

Our latest categorywatching report has been published covering the recent Easter celebrations and everything that came with it across food and drink.

There was a lot to take in this year with Easter representing a period of change for many being able to meet up with up to 5 others outside which meant added celebration. Early reports indicate that Easter Egg sales were up 50% YOY (Kantar, 2021) and this year wasn't just about children as premium Eggs stole the limelight.

To give you a feel for the Easter report, we've summarised three key takeouts below.

1.Time to Celebrate

Easter has always been a time to celebrate renewal and a change of the seasons. This year, there is even more to celebrate as many consumers were able to meet friends and family outside for the first time in a long time.

Worldwide, celebrations are still very much about the home as sales of Easter trees and wreaths reach record highs. It's all about the egg hunt and premium eggs as we look to make celebrations extra special for all. There's also a big celebration of Spring with wild garlic, Sakura and forced rhubarb heroed in many dishes.

2.A little Bit of Change

Easter marks a change in the seasons and after a year of living with the pandemic, we are all ready for a little bit of change. Tropical flavours and alternatives to milk chocolate make a big play. Think milk chocolate mousse eggs with a yuzu centre or caramelised white chocolate. The mould is broken as flat eggs mark a change from the norm, not to mention being easier to post to those who we can't be with.

Alfresco dining means that twists come to the Sunday roast. From slow cooked lamb over the rotisserie to picnic boxes enjoyed in the park, we could get used to some of the change.

3.Back to Roots

As well as embracing change, there's also a 'back to our roots' approach in terms of food and drink. Less processed food and drink comes to the fore with seasonal ingredients and organic wine making a big play. As we've got used to a slower pace of life, we're also taking the time to reconnect with food. At Williams Sonoma in the US, eggs are naturally died using onion skins then carved with patterns inspired by Hungarian culture. Food and drink that speaks of cultural history receives more attention, and a high value is placed on handmade and the personal touch.


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