Categorywatching Report - Fruit and Vegetables

Our latest Categorywatching report is now live, this month covering Fruit and Vegetables - a sector that has seen strong growth during the pandemic as health and wellness has become a focus for many consumers over the past 12 months.

We've highlighted three top take outs from the report below.

1) Health and Wellness

The pandemic has accelerated our interest in health, eating more fruit and veg is therefore front of mind for many as is maintaining balance when it comes to mental and physical health.

Immunity boosting citrus fruits come into the limelight. Bringing refreshing tang to lots of categories such as drinks and desserts, we can't get enough of citrus.

We are also seeing more adaptogens which are a group of herbs and mushrooms said to help mind and body to relax. In such changing times that is COVID-19, sipping a ginger, yuzu and reis. A mushroom sparkling water when sat at the desk, perhaps has never had greater appeal.

2) Comfort Food

We want to be healthy, yet uncertain times have meant that many of us have been reaching more often more comfort food. Fruit and Veg is beginning to play an even bigger part within comfort food. Pumpkin croquettes may not be healthy, yet there is some nutritious value in pumpkin, and crispy honey potato makes a delicious alternative to some take aways. Across indulgent desserts we are also seeing a lot more of citrus – think satsuma mousses or lemon and coconut loaf.

3) Variety is the Spice of Life

More time at home means more meals and snacks to plan into the day. While an apple a day is great, sometimes it can become a bit repetitive. A greater variety of fruit and veg is therefore sought. Think kumquats which are tiny citrus fruits as a 3.00pm snack or a sweeter honey nut squash to be used in that creamy pasta dish.

Trendhub subscribers can read the full Categorywatching report here, together with past reports here. Those interested in finding out more, please get in touch with the team today.