categorywatching Report - Hot Beverages 2022

In fitting with the shorter, colder days that are creeping in now, our latest Categorywatching report covers everything we've been tracking across Hot Beverages - across tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

The cost of coffee may be going up, however, we're still enjoying our favourite cup of joe. With pressure on the supply chain of Arabica coffee, different beans are explored which tend to be hardier in the face of drought or from different regions which are less impacted by climate change.

At one end of the spectrum, we're slowing down and appreciating the complex flavour notes of fermented coffee beans, and at the other end, super sweet fun flavours are enjoyed both hot and cold. Even in the depths of winter, 60% of coffee sold in Starbucks is cold (Starbucks, 2022). Tiktok is a key influencer in this category and there are no limits. McDonalds in Australia has even launched an Australiano, a playful take on the Americano including native wattleseed, and chai. Playful new twists with an ode to heritage all the same.

As a short synopsis of some of the main topics explored in this latest categorywatching report, read our three key takeouts below. Then head to the end of the article to find out how you can access the report in full.

1. Don't cost the earth – The rising cost of coffee brings home the impact of climate change –famine has been a major driver of Arabica coffee price increases, and pressure on supplies of the cheaper and more hardy Robusta coffee has also meant increasing prices. Looking to different regions such as China and processes such as honey washed beans which use a whole lot less water are popular.

2. Flavour Hacks – Tiktok continues to be an influence on coffee culture. Ube lattes quickly follow the infamous Dalgona coffee. The opportunity for so much more flavour within ready to drink could be huge – think honey, mango lattes or cardamon rose syrup added to matcha and sparkling water.

3. Better at Home – The cost of living crisis means that we may think twice about popping out for so many coffees. Whether it's slowing down and appreciating small batch beans with drip coffee or upgrading hot chocolate with a bar of 40% cocoa blonde chocolate, it's can be cheaper to enjoy those indulgent cosy moments at home.


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