CBD Filters Through to American Fast Food

CBD oil, and its uses for health benefits, has caused quite a stir over the past several months and this trend continue to take hold with the product now featuring in a recent limited edition burger at American fast food chain Carl's Jr.

Back on 20th April, dubbed National Weed Day in the US, the fast convenience chain added the Rocky Mountain High: Cheese Burger Delight (CBD) burger to its menus for one day only. The burger consisted of two beef patties infused with CBD, with Carl's Jr signature Santa Fe Sauce, pickled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and fries on the side. We're not sure how much of a hit the burger was, but its appearance was another nod towards the rising emergence of the CBD trend across the industry.

We explored the trend at the end of 2017, looking at cannabis in a wider context - a trend that fell into six of our tfp food and drink mega trends for 2018-19. We explored the health benefits, what's true and fabricated, how it's filtering into off the shelf products, cannabis fine dining, and much more. Read the report here.