Celebrate National Breakfast Week

Today marks the start of National Breakfast Week, celebrating all things good about the first meal of the day. Fans of the breakfast trend ourselves, we thought it was a good opportunity to look back at the popular topic that we've covered over the past few years.

Towards the end of 2017, we compiled a foodwatching Australia & Asia report called Brunch 2.0, looking at the changing habits of the consumer when it comes to breakfast and brunch. The fall of avocado, ways of getting creative, other lunch and dinner dishes making their way onto the breakfast plate ... take a look at what we've been finding in Brunch 2.0 here.

There's plenty going on around London this week for #NationalBreakfastWeek. A few ideas for how you can get involved too:

Head to Savoy's Thames Foyer for possibly one of the most decadent and varied breakfasts serves in the capital - you can choose from the full selection of classic British options, or go further afield with a traditional Japanese breakfast, featuring grilled salmon or Atlantic cod; or how about Chinese, with chicken, beef or seafood dim sum on the menu.

Boxpark Croydon's Octopia is celebrating the week with free porridge for all who drop by between 9-10am each day.

We also recently featured Mexican Breakfast on our trendhub, in foodwatching December 2017 - a trend that fits into three of our mega trends for 2017/18, foodhugs, instfun and stirring the senses. Check out this report here.

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