Celebrating Global Wellness Day 11th June 2016

Health and Fitness Travel Australia “Says Yes" to Global Wellness Day, a one-day event celebrating health and well-being, taking place 11th of June. By offering an afternoon of complimentary activities celebrating the value of health and well-being at boutique wellness studio Bodhi & Ride to mark the day, Health and Fitness Travel, in conjunction with ClassPass stand united with hundreds of wellness organisations across the world from Turkey to Thailand to support proactive wellness.

Global Wellness Day is based on the simple premise of increasing global consciousness of living a better life, even if it's just for one day, by drawing a focus on healthier lifestyle choices.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number one health problem in the world is, surprisingly, not a virus or a disease but depression – an affliction, which is linked to sleeplessness, stress and obesity.

The non-profit project created by Belgin Aksoy three years ago is being embraced by the spa and wellness world and has now also been accepted as a Global Wellness Institute initiative, and was celebrated in 73 countries last year. Belgin, who came up with an idea to combat depression and unhappiness by promoting the importance of living well, says, “We've honoured almost everything which is valuable to us with a special day, so why not have one that's dedicated to the universally accepted importance of wellness?"

Health and Fitness Travel Co-Founder Samantha Lippiatt and her team have come together with ClassPass and local Melbourne based wellness businesses including Matcha Maiden, Haus of Health, Golden Grind, MUD and Nourish Bowlz and more to host an afternoon of fun to celebrate, including wellness presentations, healthy refreshments, flow yoga and meditation at Bodhi & Ride in Port Melbourne.

“Living a life with wellness at its core is the guiding principle of our organisation which is why we “Say Yes" to Global Wellness Day and are proud that many in our Institute network, including Health and Fitness Travel are embracing this important campaign," said Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Institute.

What is Global Wellness Day?

The Global Wellness Day Manifesto helps promote a life of wellness, the campaign challenges people to change one aspect of their lives for a day and outlines seven steps to better wellness

1. Drink more water
2. Walk for an hour
3. Shop locally & eat organically
4. Stop using plastic bottles
5. Do a good deed
6. Eat a family dinner
7. Go to bed at 10pm

Find out more on the Global Wellness Day website here.