Celebrating World Chocolate Day 2022

Today, 7th July, is the international celebration of World Chocolate Day, a sweet treat loved by so many of us around the globe. We take a look at a few highlights of who's celebrating.

Haigh's Chocolates
Australian brand Haigh's, a company championing bean to bar chocolate making for over 100 years, has released two new products to celebrate World Chocolate Day - the all new Milk Caramel Slice and Dark Peppermint Slice, both using a 70% chocolate base.

The Milk Caramel Slice has a creamy caramel ganache centre with a chocolate base, layered with wafer pieces on top before being encased in milk chocolate. It's sibling, the Dark Peppermint Slice is a double-layered square of chocolate and peppermint-flavoured white chocolate ganache covered in dark chocolate.

Both products are available online in Australia for a limited time only, having launched today. Find out more from Haigh's.

Haigh's Chocolate slices

Black Star Pastry x Koko Black
Also in Australia, the popular Black Star Pastry chain - founders of the social media sensation, the Strawberry Watermelon Cake - have collaborated with the premium chocolatiers Koko Black to create the divine looking Theobrama: Food of the Gods seven-layered cake in celebration of World Chocolate Day.

This flavour-full creation combines an intense, rich and fruity mix of flavours and textures made up from a cacao shortbread base, caramelised puffed buckwheat and quinoa crunch, chocolate mousse, light cacao sponge and caceo fruit juice cremeux, topped with chocolate leaves and twigs.

The new introduction follows a collaboration in 2021 which led to the Meteor Cake, also only available for one day only.

Find out more.

Koko Black cake