Characters from 'The Angry Birds Movie' Join McDonald's For Worldwide Happy Meal Campaign

Ahead of the worldwide release of The Angry Birds Movie this May, fast-food giant McDonald's are already serving as a key collaborator, supporting the film in 119 global markets and in approximately 33,000 restaurants with their Happy Meal program tied in with the Angry Birds brand.

Featuring both a global Happy Meal program and a first-of-its-kind digital program for McDonald's, there will also be a custom TV commercial airing globally and six additional custom original TV commercials in select markets to drive customers to flock to their local McDonald's restaurant. TV campaigns will run in more than 40 countries, including two custom animated spots in the United States and more throughout the world.

The innovative digital program includes supporting BirdCodes for Angry Birds Action!, Rovio's latest Angry Birds game released globally last week. With the game, users scan "codes" on various McDonald's products to unlock digital items within Angry Birds Action!. When scanned, the McDonald's BirdCodes, which can be found on McDonald's packaging including Happy Meal boxes, Big Mac boxes, fries boxes and other promotional materials (specific packaging varies by country) unlock an exclusive augmented reality mini-game that launches to life directly from mobile devices. The mini-game, once played, will also earn players valuable power-ups in Angry Birds Action!.

The global Happy Meal program features two boxes and 10 custom premiums in the U.S. and other key territories, and a variety of other premiums in international territories.

In addition, the McDonald's website will be featuring Blake Shelton's brand new music video "Friends" from The Angry Birds Movie.

Support for The Angry Birds Movie will be immersive, featuring a total restaurant takeover from signage to product packaging to trayliners and more. Some markets in Asia also feature food items inspired by the characters, including Angry Red Burger (double chicken patty) and Naughty Green Burger (grilled pork patty) in China; Angry Shanghai Burger in South Korea; Bomb's Black Sesame McDip, Piggies OREO Matcha McFlurry and Red's Cotton Candy McFlurry in the Philippines; and Angry Matcha Parfait in Thailand.

Angry Birds is one of the strongest and most recognizable brands in the world, built on one of the world's most popular apps of all time, with over 3 billion downloads and over 100 million monthly active players.