Cheese Tea Now Available at McDonalds in Hong Kong

We've had bubble tea ... now we've got cheese tea. Fast-food chain McDonalds is now serving cheese tea in Hong Kong.

Back in 2017 we covered cheese tea over on our drinkswatching hub, and now the trend we identified has hit the high street. But what is cheese tea and why do people like it?

To get your head around what this creation might just taste like, here is the general recipe for cheese tea. Firstly, the cream cheese layer is about an inch thick and sits on top of the tea. The cheese tends to be of a whipped consistency often with sugar, salt or both added for extra flavour. Underneath the cream cheese can be any type of tea, with favourites including matcha and jasmine.

The best way to drink the tea is to tip it at an angle, rather than through a straw, so that the layers can merge. Interested? Find out more about the trend here.