Chef Andrew Wong & Anthropologist Mukta Das Join Event Speaker List

Chef Andrew Wong & Anthropologist Mukta Das are to discuss their recent quest to ascertain the relationship of Authenticity and Regionality within Modern Chinese Cuisine.

The cuisine of China remains one of the most diverse and ever-lasting of the globe, possessing an immense depth of regionality which has informed the nation's varied cultures for countless generations. Michellin starred chef, Andrew Wong and Anthropologist Mukta Das collaborate on this investigation as to the heritage of a nation which has informed the world with its original cuisine.

Join the duo as they navigate the cultural history of a nation through a range of dishes familiar and new, utilising original texts and recipes, providing a new incarnation under the talented guidance of Chef Wong as he adds a contemporary guise to these generation spanning dishes.

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Our 6th annual food and beverage Trends Event takes place on Tuesday 12th November 2019. Come and join 350 influencers from across the globe to immerse in the food and beverage trends of the future and the pre-release of our brand new trend book for 2020/21.

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