Chef Chantelle Nicholson To Launch Sustainability-Focused London Restaurant, Apricity

Chantelle Nicholson, former chef-owner of the popular Tredwell's restaurant, is set to open her latest London venue in March 2022, Apricity. The new restaurant will be located in London's Mayfair area and will focus heavily on the sustainability and wellbeing of its employees as well a green approach to sourcing and zero-waste approach to cooking.

Sustainability and zero waste are topics that have continued to feature regularly across food and beverage over the past few years as we all become more aware of both our impact and how we can take steps to reduce that. Venues such as Silo, founded by Doug McMaster, have also set a precedent of what's possible when it comes to zero waste in particular.

Apricity will follow in this vein and comes off the back of Nicholson's All's Well concept, a pop-up in Hackney during the pandemic designed to preserve jobs within the hospitality industry, but also to boost morale for those working in the industry at a bleak time for many.

From the new Apricity website: Apricity symbolises regeneration, warmth, generosity and light which will reflect in both the menu and the space. Continuing Chantelle's commitment to running a socially conscious endeavour with her team of innovative and like-minded people who also share her values of a sustainable lifestyle.

Menus will be centred around hyper-seasonal, sustainable produce from small-scale farmers and locally foraged ingredients, with a zero-waste approach to cooking.

Find out more about Apricity here.