Chef Nacho Manzano Bringing his Asturian Cuisine to London

For the first time in Casa Marcial's 10 year history, Executive Chef Nacho Manzano is leaving the Asturias mountains to bring Casa Marcial, his 2 Michelin-starred restaurant to London.

From Wednesday 27th February to Sunday 3rd March guests can book their seat at Ibérica Victoria in the capital for a 12-course tasting menu, including some of his most creative and yet classic Asturian dishes, inspired by the land and sea around him and dishes that have earned him 2 Michelin stars.

Asturian cuisine is one which we've been keeping a close eye on given it's increasing popularity, and one that's been touted as the next big Spanish cuisine here in the UK. To delve deeper into the influences and the flavours we compiled a recent menuwatching report this month looking at the ingredients that are cropping up over and again, as well as the restaurants in the spotlight and their dishes.

Read the full report here.

You can also book your seat at the Casa Marcial residency next week on Eventbrite here.