Chef Thomas Keller Launches Online Cooking Classes

Chef, Author and Restauranteur Thomas Keller has spent years running some of the world's best restaurants, but equally, the American has also spent his career teaching and mentoring some of the best chefs in America today.

Keller's name is synonymous with the tutorage of many a promising young chef these days, even more so following the creation of his mentorship program that was instrumental in helping the USA culinary team win the world famous Bocuse d'Or competition in Lyon - the country's first gold medal at the awards.

The multi Michelin-starred chef, most notably known for his Napa Valley restaurant,The French Laundry, a regular in the Top 50 Restaurants in the World, now has new ambitions to continue sharing his knowledge on a much wider scale - with you. In a new video, Keller explains his new collaboration with MasterClass - an online cooking resource where Keller will offer up some of his own kitchen lessons based on years of experience.

"This is the first time I've ever done anything like this," Keller says in his recent launch video. "I focus on techniques rather than recipes because its really the techniques that are the most important part of any recipe. Any one of these techniques is something I know is achievable. Every technique that i'm sharing with you is used in our restaurants. We want to give you very simple dishes with very few ingredients that really ignite that emotional connection with food." Keller will focus on pasta, eggs and vegetables as fundamental ingredients, but the series will also see the chef explain his approach to a number of cooking techniques: glazing, confiting, pureeing, roasting and braising are just a few of the topics that will be featured. It seems a perfect guide for the home cook through to the professionals.

Find out more about the courses available through MasterClass, including other cooking tutorials from Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsey, on the MasterClass website.