Chesapeake Farm to Table Launches Baltimore's First Online Farmers Market

Chesapeake Farm to Table recently announced the launch of a new online farmers market for residential customers with delivery service to three partner pickup locations in the Baltimore Metro Area. Chesapeake Farm to Table previously only offered wholesale farm products to the Chesapeake Region's best restaurants. This is Baltimore's first online farmers market and features 25+ local, sustainable farms and food crafters selling their seasonal, best-quality farm products each week in an online storefront offering subscription-free time-saving convenience.

"Now Baltimore residential customers can access the same high-quality produce, meats, and cheeses that they've already been enjoying prepared by the talented chefs at their favourite restaurants around town. The farmers we serve grow high-quality specialty produce, often heirlooms, and hold themselves to a strict standard of sustainability. Most of the participating farms are either certified organic or using organic practices. The participating meat, egg, and dairy farmers all pasture their animals and use humane practices," says Heather Hulsey, Chesapeake Farm to Table's Executive Director.

Chesapeake Farm to Table will aggregate orders at food incubator, Bmore Kitchen, and has partnered with local culinary businesses Culinary Architecture, Remington Wine Company, and Towson Tavern to host the weekly pickup locations where customers can stop in and pick up their orders with ease.

"Often people want to join a farm CSA but can't come up with the significant investment up front or they've previously joined a CSA and found themselves drowning in produce they're not using. Many people also struggle to find time to get to a farmers market and they really want to support local farmers. We created this à la carte option for those customers and to help support and bolster sales for our participating small-scale farms, where every last sale really makes a difference to that farmer," says Hulsey.

Find out more about Chesapeake Farm to Table here.